Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #2- Perfect and As I Wake

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine because we're always anticipating the release of a beautiful story. The first one makes me squeal inside!
The sequel to Impulse! That was the first Hopkins' book I read:) Also the second verse book I read.

"Everyone has something, someone, somewhere else that they’d rather be. For four high-school seniors, their goals of perfection are just as different as the paths they take to get there.
Cara’s parents’ unrealistic expectations have already sent her twin brother Conner spiraling toward suicide. For her, perfect means rejecting their ideals to take a chance on a new kind of love. Kendra covets the perfect face and body—no matter what surgeries and drugs she needs to get there. To score his perfect home run—on the field and off—Sean will sacrifice more than he can ever win back. And Andre realizes that to follow his heart and achieve his perfect performance, he’ll be living a life his ancestors would never have understood.
Everyone wants to be perfect, but when perfection loses its meaning, how far will you go? What would you give up to be perfect?"

Excuse me?! *Spoiler to Impulse*

I thought Conner died! That's how the book ended...him jumping off the high, high rocks.

I heart Elizabeth Scott books! Thoroughly enjoyed Something, Maybe.

And look. At this. Cover.

"Ava is welcomed home from the hospital by a doting mother, lively friends, and a crush finally beginning to show interest. There's only one problem: Ava can't remember any of them - and can't shake the eerie feeling that she's not who they say she is.

Ava struggles to break through her amnesiac haze as she goes through the motions of high-school life, but the memories that surface take place in a very different world, where Ava and familiar-faced friends are under constant scrutiny and no one can be trusted. Ava doesn't know what to make of these visions, or of the boy who is at the center of them all, until he reappears in her life and offers answers . . . but only in exchange for her trust."


What can't you wait to get your hands on when it comes out?


melissa said...

I still have to read the first ellen hopkins book! is it true they got banned?

June G said...

I'm not a big fan of books written in verse. I don't dislike them, I just don't feel drawn to them. I have Hopkin's first adult book. I was surprised to learn that's written in verse too. Maybe that will change my mind about such novels...we'll see.

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

Two very cool covers! I'm happy to meet your acquaintance ladies. Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back! :)


Jenny said...

Awesome choices! Ellen Hopkins and Elizabeth Scott are two of my favorites.

Traci @ The Reading Geek said...

Thanks for stopping by and a new follower here as well. Great picks, I haven't read anything by Ellen Hopkins yet but I hear great things. I already read As I Wake and really enjoyed it. Some of it was a bit confusing but it was an interesting story.

LindsayWrites said...

awesome pick! i'm a follower here! :)

stop by my blog? I have a few picks this week! :)


Jenna and Ashley said...
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Jenna and Ashley said...

Ellen Hopkins is banned in some schools. Her most recent novel, Tricks, is pretty racy. It had several graphic gay sex scenes in it. Other than that, I love the pace of her writing. Another one that was hard to read was Identical because one of the twins was being molested by her father and the other had a little bit of jealousy. I know Crank and Glass are based on her daughter's experience.

Hannah said...

Great choices! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ange said...

Both of these books look awesome. I can't wait! Great picks. Ange @ the Moonlight Reader

My WoW:

Brodie said...

*resists urge to read Perfect synopsis as I've yet to read Impulse* but I really want to read some of hers, only tried one verse book so far and loved it! Really excited for As I Wake! That cover is just all kinds of awesome.

Stephanie ( said...

These sound great and I love the uniqueness of both of the covers. Definitely ones to keep an eye out for!

Thanks for stopping by and following. I've returned the follow! :)

Lost In Literature said...

Awesome picks!! And beautiful covers!!! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by Lost in Literature!! :)

Book Sake said...

I have yet to read one of Hopkins books, but oh I loove that cover, so simple yet so cool!

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

Thanks for following my blog, ladies!

As I Wake sounds REALLY fascinating!