Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Musings: Who Taught You How to Drive?

I've come up with this new weekly post because Mystery Review Mondays just ain't cuttin' it anymore...I've turned the whole thing into a blog that reviews.

So on Mondays, I will probably rant on about whatever random topic I choose. Though I have not been out cruising this morning in my brand new 2012 Elantra, the first thing that comes to mind is...


Not like the one pictured here. No, this is just a reminder that we'll never see the end of construction, especially on I-44W.

Let me preface this rant by saying on the scale of lousy drivers, Oklahomans are pretty high up there. Kansas folks are higher-- I heard a survey on the radio recently-- but I only drive through Kansas on the way to see my parents. Since I'm surrounded by OK drivers every day, they are my focus.

Exiting the highway to my apartment complex is this one, seemingly simple stop. It's not even a four way! It's a three way stop. You could call it a four way stop for idiots. But no one ever manages to do it right. A car might stop for two seconds, but since the guy in the lane next to him is about to turn left, he turns left too. Out of order.

Then you have the nobody wants to go first cautious drivers, which nearly results in a crash by the time everyone pushes the gas pedal.

The cut you off with a smile drivers (okay, I've done it once, I admit, but without the smile).

And what about that rule that the person on the right goes first when you both arrive at the same time? It must no longer exist.

Did you know kids don't even have to parallel park these days to get a license?

(By the way, if you're reading this and you've ridden in my passenger seat before, no mean comments on my driving. I learned in Texas. Almost drove into a Dairy Queen's brick wall with my permit, but I've honed my skills since then).

Let's hear it from you...the most frustrating thing that other drivers do that make you wish you could...pull them over and give them a verbal spanking.

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bkmanu15 said...

Haha! Very well said. Made me laugh quite a bit.