Sunday, August 21, 2011

LC's Adventures in Library Land- Awesome Giveaway!

LC's 500
If you are a book addict like me, there is nothing quite like receiving a FREE book! Your fingers tingle as you open the cover to get lost in an adventure for hours at a time. Well how do I experience this thrill, you ask? Simple. Enter an awesome giveaway. I present you with one such opportunity.
To celebrate 500 followers, LC is giving away two books to a first place winner and one each to a second and third place winner! The selection for winners is really cool...check it out:

Everything's randomly selected and you just have to fill out an entry form.
Last day to enter is August 31st, so hurry over to LC's Adventures in Library Land!

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Sherre said...

Heu Jenna,

Just responding back. I got the rating system in sort of a roundabout way. Theres this website called and I pretty much got a picture of a green square for my background, some transparent flowers for my stars and out it al together. I got the idea from this page:

(of couse I just noticed that they have a tutorial for my own grab button which was my main question but whatever) I made my header first, and altered it slightly for my ratings system. As far as the title you are asking about removing (I am assuming you mean the one for the page in order to put in an actual header?) Under your design tab where it had the place you can move all your boxes to where you want them to be located on your page and add gadgets and all that, there's a box that says Header. Click Edit for that box. A new window will open up for you to configure the header. Here you can insert your created hearer and any descriptions as well as change yout Blog Title. The very last option describes placement of your title. Choose "Instead of title and description" and the created header will be inserted with no additional typed itle and description. Be sure to have your title in your header though so that people will know they are at your page.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know