Saturday, September 10, 2011

In My Mailbox (#3)

This is one of my favorite memes, so thank you Kristi at Story Siren for hosting! It's a chance to show everyone what we've received from all different sources. 

Requested review from an author:
Super excited to read this one! Not only is this "high school high society hell," but there is a lacrosse player ex-boyfriend. Shout out to my hubby, an awesome lacrosse coach!

My Net Galley requests:

Anything by Sara Zarr is wonderfully written. Loved Story of a Girl. A great contemporary author who truly understands struggle. Jill has to deal with the death of a parent and a new family adoption, and Mandy is a pregnant teen.

So excited about this one! Emmy's married at 19, pregnant at 20, and realizes she's not in love. Then her baby, the only one worth living for, goes missing. Makes me think of the Jaycee Dugard story. I keep meaning to read her memoir.

As you can see, I'm all about contemporary. Jasmine is of a mixed ethnicity and was the result of a one night stand. She's already having a hard time fitting in-- then she discovers her mom's new boyfriend making out with her own best friend. Scandalous. all-night search for the city's mysterious graffiti artist, Shadow. Lucy is accompanied on her quest by Ed, whom she once had a really awkward date with. Oh, the possibilities!

Harper's older sister June kills herself right before she's supposed to graduate. Harper ends up going on a road trip to the Pacific Ocean to scatter her sister's ashes. Her best friend and a guy with a connection to June named Tyler go with her. The roadtrip is enough to grab my attention.

Books I purchased this week:

By amazing Han Nolan, author of If I Die Before I Wake (which is set in present day and then WWII). Eleanor is 16 and pregnant and then marries the father so it'll be okay with their parents. I think a little bit of religious questioning is thrown in this one.  

A book about love and loss. Ingrid commits suicide, and her best friend Caitlin is left to pick up the pieces with the help of Ingrid's journal.

I hope I'm not too depressed after some of these. I'm sure I won't be disappointed though; there is always some magnificent self-discovery by the protagonist in a dreary situation.

Tell me what you got this week...I'm seriously curious!


Crystal said...

Some great books there - some I have missed on netgalley that I am going back to look for. I know what you mean about being depressed though. Hopefully these won't be too depressing. Enjoy your reading!

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Kyle said...

I'm going to read Silver and Stone sometime soon too! I'm looking forward to comparing our reviews :)

Kristan said...

I got Saving June this week too! Really excited to read it. I'm also going to be reviewing Silver and Stone too. Happy Reading!

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Sash and Em said...

Sash is currently reading How To Save A Life!

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Andie Z said...

No joke, Graffiti Moon is one of my favorite books of all time. I just read it a couple of months ago (thank you, NetGalley, I love you) and I'm already seriously considering rereading it very very soon. It's so gorgeous. I hope you love it!

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Kathy Ann Coleman said...

Graffiti Moon, huh? I'm very jealous. I'm dying to read that!