Saturday, June 7, 2014

Calling All Writers: Mini Summer Write-a-Thon

Facebook Event: Mini Summer Write-a-Thon hosted by Jenna Klein.

If you are a writer of anything- short stories, flash fiction, novels, songs, poems, blog posts- and would like to focus on your craft for as much as possible in a week, come join us next week, June 9-15.  Even if you've always had an idea in your head, and you just need a time to start.
We will cheer each other on and set word personal word count goals each day. If you can write thirty minutes one day and an hour the next, that's okay! It's all about getting something down each day.

We have some published writers in the group, so it's a great time to get advice as well!

Join our Facebook event! We love meeting new people and encouraging fellow writers.

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