Thursday, February 9, 2012

Putting Together a Book Basket...

So I'm very excited about a project my 2nd hour English class is doing! For Swine Week, my high school's main fundraising event for a chosen charity each year, we are raising money for Project Woman. It's based out of Tulsa, OK and it provides breast health education, mammorgrams, and surgical procedures for women without health insurance. Two years ago, the kids raised over $527,000 for the Jimmy Everest Cancer Center, and last year they raised $418,000. It's incredible to see them work toward a goal and surpass it, all for charity.

Getting back to the project...we're putting together a book basket for the silent auction during Swine Week. I'm having my students write a letter to their favorite author explaining what Project Woman is about and why they'd love an autographed copy of the author's book to include in this basket. We haven't written our letters yet, but I've been to the local bookstore in Edmond, Best of Books, and they graciously donated a signed copy of Hereafter.

I need your help! Any ideas of things to include in our book basket, especially if no authors respond? Do you have any recommendations of authors I can contact that might contribute a book?
Since we're in Oklahoma, we'll probably contact people on the Sequoyah list of award winning books. If you were to bid on a book basket, what would it have to have in it???

Thanks for your suggestions:) Even the non-readers in my class are getting excited about contacting authors. I will most likely end up bidding on the basket...which my kids laughed at.


Eileen said...

I really liked Hereafter! And I think that the Iron Fey series were great, as well as the mortal Instruments! This sounds like a great program!

By the way, I tagged you in a blog post I did about tagging. It's complicated, but it's really fun! So I'd love it if you stopped by! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I recommend you talk to Janni Lee Simner. She's really awesome and approachable. She also rights some awesome sauce books :D

Jenna and Ashley said...

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

Keep 'em comin':)