Sunday, December 11, 2011

Must Read Monday (#9)

Fans of Fiction
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The goal of the Must Read Monday is to find share your love of great books with others in the hopes that they'll add a new title to their To Be Read list.

Your job is to create intrigue for other hoppers. What makes your book so swoon-worthy? What do you absolutely have to mention so they'll read it?

On your post, you'll make an acrostic puzzle (think of it as an overview/book blurb type of thing).

For specific ways to build your puzzle, click here, but pretty much any style of acrostic is welcome.

When you leave comments on other posts, be sure to mention whether you're adding that book to your TBR pile, and what part convinced you to do so.

It's all about powers of persuasion, people:) You might have to think a little, but channel that inner-creative goddess (or god).

Winner of Must Read Monday week #7:

Donna @ The Happy Booker (Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

I must say, this lady has a poet hiding inside her! Favorite lines: "Stealing the spotlight, Tiny obsessively seeks love in neon lights." Just the fact that there are two Will Graysons is enough to make for some pretty hilarious possibilities, and it sounds like the story lived up to those expectations.
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This week's category: A book that you're thankful someone recommended to you.

Here's mine, recommended by numerous other bloggers:

Ann recalls it Backwards
                                   a year of Ups and downs with Connor
                        and now, a shaking heap on The floor

                            bruIsed by his hand

                                         Lying in the remnants
                                Of glass shards:
                                             the heart she gaVe him,
                          the heart she prayEd would bring back his smile

                      he's only flasHes of the boy she fell
                                                          in love wIth
                                          his sMile's not enough anymore

Here's my review of this story. It's powerfully told starting from the present, when the worst abuse has taken place, and going backwards, to when Ann and Connor first meet.

Now it's your turn! What is a book you are thrilled someone told you to read?

*Next week's topic: Best rainy day read

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  • Enjoy!


Donna said...

First of all thank you for your comments about my Will Grayson post and for choosing me as the winner!

I haven't heard of your book choice this week, But I Love Him but it sounds like a very emotional read. I love the way you wrote about it. Its hard to pick just one line, I particularly like the first three lines, they certainly grabbed my attention and made me want to know more about this story. I'm adding it to my to-read list. Great review too!

Valette M. said...

Thanks for the meme!
I love the way you described But I Love Him. It sounds like a very realistic read.

Valette M. said...

Hmm, looks like I linked up twice. Not sure how that happened, sorry.

Susanne said...

I love your acrostic! Such a great description!

Jenna and Ashley said...

Valette, thanks for participating! I will take one of the links off as soon as my internet starts cooperating:)

Kristan said...

OMG your's is beautiful! I haven't read But I Love you, but you've made it sounds like such an emotional and beautiful story about such a controversial story. I can't even pick out a line that I love the most from your poem because it all just fits together perfectly.

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