Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Meme Coming Soon: Must Read Monday

Fans of Fiction

Stay tuned for the launch of my brand new (and only) meme in just two days. I guess you could say the chicks are kind of like the two versions of myself butting heads: the "I should go to bed so I'm not tired for work tomorrow" side and the "Just five more minutes of reading" side.

Must Read Monday helps you spread the word about your all-time favorites. The books you read over and over and find little ways to slip into conversations so you'll have someone else to talk about them with.

Even though we all have huge to be read piles (TBR), the goal of this meme is to make the bloggers who stop by your post add another book to their list. You must entice them by giving them clues about your pick.

Every Monday, you'll have the chance to create an acrostic puzzle about an amazing book in the posted category. Week one, this coming Monday, will feature dystopian choices, so start thinking!

Here are two different examples that I could put on my post. I'll do the book that I just finished reading called Matched.

              arranged Marriages
                           fAmily to keep safe
                          sTatistics rule their world
                       no Choice exists
              Officials Harbor suspicion
         love is chosEn for them 
            but she finDs her own love


Match Banquet at 17
All is controlled by Society
Two boys, one girl
Conflicted love
Her family's jeopardized
Equality is a trick

For a bit of a challenge, you could create an entire sentence with only one word after each letter of your title.

I will feature two bloggers who had the most creative posts the following week, and those will be required follows to participate again. You can help me judge by leaving a comment on my post with the most creative/convincing one you've seen after hopping around.

Let me know if I can count on you to participate and/or spread the word! 


Aimee said...

I'm going to give it a shot! I hope I can get my brain to cooperate... sounds like fun though. count me in.

Michelle said...

I am gonna give it a try :D

Michelle said...

ps~you should add a mr linky or a link back option to this post so that people participating can link back their post to here. :D

Jenna and Ashley said...

Michelle, I have a new post coming out tomorrow with the linky option:) and the official rules. Thanks for looking out for me though...I'm still new to this.

Pamela said...

This sounds like a really neat idea. I'll have to pull at my creative strings and see if I can come up with any good acrostics!

Little_Dhampir91 said...

I'll definitely give this a shot. Sounds like fun. Though does this start this monday or next monday?

Jenna and Ashley said...

This Monday! Look for it tomorrow.

Little_Dhampir91 said...

Alright. You see I'm from Australia and it's already monday so I might start this post next week. :) Great idea by the way.