Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Update: Day 2

This is actually my first day of the challenge (I discovered it late!), but it's Day 2 for everyone else. I'm a little behind, but I gave myself a break with my first book by reading one I had already started. Just finished it:
Thank you, Mom, for lending me this book by Sharon Niedzinski. I don't typically read adult literature, but every so often I pick up a religious book that I fall in love with. This was so thought provoking and reflective that I smiled, laughed out loud, and nearly cried at the depictions of God's grace and the ways that sheep can show us Biblical lessons.

This woman with six kids, two dogs, and her husband "Honey" felt called to move from the suburbs to a farm, where she became a shepherd. It's crazy how many things she had to learn and do. She tells different stories that can all be related back to Christ-- her preschool son's class coming for a farm visit, the prayer group meetings in her house that a neighbor said she should have, the way ewes eat all signs of their afterbirth so wolves aren't attracted to the scent.

Loved this! If you need a spiritual uplifting, or just something to make you laugh, check it out.

I've also revised my book list over the next two days to just this and The Shack. Both my mom's books anyway, and I'd like for her to take them back to Missouri when she leaves on Saturday. I'll barely have any time to read, but who knows what's possible? I think I'll take a cleaning break so my husband doesn't have to help when he gets home. After all, it is our 3rd year anniversary!

For anyone who wants to join the challenge, free ARCs are being given away, as well as various books and swag by participating authors! Click on the button on the top left corner of my page.

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