Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Friday: City Attractions

When I typed "fun" into Google, things like "Oklahoma City Water Taxi" popped up! My first reaction was to crack up. I go to Harkins all the time to watch movies, but I've never done that in Bricktown. One day maybe I'll shell out the cash to cruise around the downtown canals.

The link I clicked on, however, was fun things for couples to do in Oklahoma City. I'll give you list in short, with commentary, of course:

(12,000 hotel rooms are waiting for all of us down there, by the way)
  • National Cowboy Hall of Fame- Never been, wouldn't mind??
  • Omniplex- I know I'm missing out on this one.
  • "Some couples may seek the thrill of Frontier City..." - It's thrilling the first time you go for about 20 minutes. Ok, I lie. I had fun the entire first time I was there, but everyone I went with complained the whole time because they'd been before. And it's no Busch Gardens.
  • Stockyard City- (?) You can watch athentic cowboys at work, apparently.
  • Wormy Dog Saloon- Much better than I thought! The combo of country music and cowboys do make for a good time.
  • Ballpark- My favorite memory is last 4th of July when they cancelled the game due to rain but still had fireworks after...for three hours, we got soaked staring at an empty field.
  • Racetrack, zoo, botanical gardens- Acceptable sights, almost all kid-friendly
Since I've been traveling through the state recently to and from Missouri, I had the plasure of seeing all those signs green pop out from the road- "See Chandler!" or Jenks or any other town so exciting it must be punctuated as such.

I want to be on the city board that decides what to put on their sign.

Let's see, here's my fun sign for Edmond:

"See Edmond!
Home of Grayson Chance
  • Pelican Bay Water Park
  • Mini golf
  • 3 high schools
  • Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt Peach Wave Frozen Yogurt
  • Family friendly neighborhoods
  • Construction improvement projects
  • More than six types of weather"
What should your town's sign say?

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Brandi said...

We went to OKC Bricktown this weekend for a mini-vacation. I know...sounds crazy when you live there, but we had the best time with our little guy who is almost three! We enjoyed the swimming pool at Residence Inn, movie theater, fountains & waterfalls (who knew this would be such an attraction for the under 3 set?), fireworks, ice cream, Crab Town (where they poured the crab legs, shrimp, and everything else on the table and we ate with our fingers), street performers and more. I didn't know we'd have such a good time. Plus, we walked everywhere, so we had the "city" feel without having to fly to NY or Chicago.

As for the water taxis...we did that back before we had children. Did you know they have a dinner cruise and a booze cruise? Let's just say the latter makes for a fun-filled evening!