Saturday, May 21, 2011

Win or Fail? Rainbow Brite

What I miss most about Saturday mornings as a kid is watching cartoons in my PJs.  Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite shows. 

Other early favorites (not all cartoons):
Care Bears
Fraggle Rock
Sesame Street
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Lamb Chop's Play Along
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (ha)
Captain Planet
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Some cartoons disappoint me now because of the rough drawings and out-there concepts, like Catdog.  I also get sad when a long-time favorite changes voices or the way they do animation (TMNT).  I guess actors get old, but still!

What do you think of this?
What were your favorite cartoons growing up?
Are these adult dolls win or fail?
As a person who grew up loving this cartoon, I know my vote...


Dr. Lisa Marotta said...

Fail. I hope no one buys this junk as a joke so we can send a clear consumer message: 7 year olds deserve a toy that looks like a 7 year old. Let children be children.

C.H. Seman said...

I kind of miss the goofy old Ninja Turtles.

Brandi said...

Fail...a little creepy.

Favorite cartoons: GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Smurfs. I was totally dedicated to the first two.

Not cartoons: I liked Sesame Street, but LOVED The Electric Company.