Jenna's Review Policy

*At this time, I am not accepting any new reviews.

I would love to accept books or ARCs for review. Guidelines are posted below.
  • I read YA only. I prefer contemporary and dystopian. 
E-books: I have the capability to read e-books on my Kindle.

My Review: I cannot guarantee that I will like your book, but I tend to pick out the positive qualities as an aspiring author myself. I usually mention writing style and figurative language (I pick out these things as a sophomore English teacher), which are sometimes featured in my favorite quotes section. I never specifically ridicule an author, as all writing is of value.

  • As an added bonus, if I love your book, I'll include it on my classroom recommended reading bulletin board, talk it up to my classes, and consider it for student book club meetings during lunch.

I can attempt to have a review up for you within forty days. As I teach high school, I sometimes make take longer. I will review all books given to me unless I have a specific reason for refusing (i.e. explicit sex scenes, most self-published novels), in which case I will notify the author in a timely manner.
Please contact me if you would like to promote your book on my blog by giving an interview or participating in a giveaway!

My Right:

It is my right to pass along my reviews to Ashley in the event that I do not have enough time to complete your review. She can do the same with me. *You are taking the risk of either of us doing your review, even when you contact one of us individually.
I also reserve the right to publish a negative review since my thoughts are completely honest. I will warn the author/publisher in advance if the book garners less than three stars.

My Contact Info.: