Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Book Journal: Your Reading Adventure

There are more than a few book journals out there, but I've run across one I believe to be one of the most, complete and user friendly. It's simply called, "The Book Journal: Your Reading Adventure" by James-Laymond Publishing.

One of the first things I found useful (very useful in fact) was the do-it-myself Table of Contents. There I write down the title of a book and the page number of The Book Journal where I put my entry about it. So if I want to find my notes/entry about "The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels" by Lee Wilson, I can quickly and easily find it and remember a certain detail that I had forgotten or the observations I had about the book.

The book provides two pages for each book entry, and on those pages provides basic information-gathering areas such as the genre, title, setting, year written, publisher, main & minor characters and other books by its author. It also asks you to rate the book based on several areas such as writing quality, pace, plot, character development, and others before finally having you rate the book over all. Then it provides an additional full page to make whatever notes and critiques you wish. It's actually quite an eye-opening, self-exploratory adventure!

It also has a section for those of us in book groups, allowing me to keep track of the books read by my group, things people said in our meeting, my notes from meetings and other details including a calendar for meetings.

The Book Journal also has a section for me to record books I've lent out to people (the book calls this section "My Lent List" which I think is cute). This is helpful because often times people will borrow a book from me and forget to ever bring it back to me! Then one day I go looking for that book but can't remember that I loaned it out or to whom I loaned it. So that part of the book is also extremely helpful!

The Book Journal also has a list entitled "My Favorite Books," "My Wish List" and a couple other nifty areas you'll discover when you make it yours. It's a helpful journal for avid readers and I think would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for people on your list who like to read, are students, teachers, etc. You can get your copy of The Book Journal on AMAZON HERE

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