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Review: The Fate Of The Muse

Trouble is stalking Marina. She’s already escaped the clutches of her formidable foe once, but fate has even more trials in store for her. There are evil plans in the works– plans that threaten both her and her newly found family.
As she struggles to come to grips with her unwanted powers, outside forces threaten to tear Marina and Ethan apart, making her doubt their vision of an idyllic future together. Can first love be true love?

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  • Release Date: September 16, 2011 
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Favorite Quotes:

"I walked slowly back towards Evie, feeling the laces of my mental corset cinching back in, constricting more tightly with each exhale, once again, making it almost impossible to breathe."

"It felt like I was gliding on the edge of an infinite universe, and I was mercifully completely caught up in the rapturous sensation of forgetting."

"After flying over thousands of miles of open ocean, the island of Maui rose up from the sea like a faceted stone, cloaked in velvety green. Deep blue water lightened to a turquoise ring around the gemlike island."

"I always thought that being in love would be smooth sailing on tranquil seas. Instead, I felt like I was being tossed around in a violent storm with only a few fleeting moments of calm."

"They were bizarre and otherworldly, but almost unbearably beautiful to look at."

"Hurting someone as good and kind as Abby would be doubly evil, like killing a unicorn."


The Fate Of The Muse is the third book by Derrolyn Anderson in the Marina's Tales series.  It follows Marina in the aftermath of some bad experiences from the second book.  Marina has been summoned to meet with a council of mermaid/human hybrids due to the attention that her muse powers are drawing.  It is crucial that people remain ignorant of the mermaids' existence for the very real fear of being hunted, captured, etc.  She learns that she has many additional abilities that the others do not have; she becomes afraid of what they'd think if they knew the full extent of what she can do.  The Edwards family is continuing on with their plot to breed mermaids for their personal use and Marina is vital to their success.  

I liked this book the least so far.  I kind of had the same problem with it that I did in the second- there are so many elements to the story that it ends up detracting from the main conflict.  The pace seemed very slow and it came across as simply trying to stretch out to create more books.  I'm also having an increasing problem with Marina's muse powers.  More abilities are surfacing (and becoming more powerful) and it's getting to be too much- in my mind I compare it to a little kid who pretends to have super powers and keeps adding new ones in order to be the best (I can't die, I can shoot lasers from my eyes, I can read people's minds, I have razor-sharp claws, and I can fly!).  

I'm sure at this point you're thinking that I hated this book- not true!  There is still something very captivating about Marina and her story.  She continues to date Ethan (whom fully redeemed himself in my eyes) and they map out their future together.  There are a few hiccups in their relationship (an ex-girlfriend, the return of Kimo, and Aunt Evie's continued desires for a wealthier mate for Marina), but overall their bond is strong.  I am hoping that their relationship continues to grow and gets juicier ;)  He seems to be coming to terms with Marina's love for the sea and takes a huge step in trying to enjoy it with her.

I have always enjoyed the author's detailed descriptions of the fashion, parties, and all things girly in her stories.  The pictures that she creates are vivid and a fun touch.  There is a lot more of this due to the prom, a trip to Paris for fashion week, and a Hawaiian photo shoot.

One thing I didn't like that had nothing to do with the story itself was the cover of the book.  The previous covers were drawn and this one is a picture.  Obviously this is no reason to not buy a book and read it, but I thought the others matched the fantastical storyline better (plus I thought the pictures of Marina were pretty!).  

I have read other reviews of this book and it seems that I'm in the minority for not liking it as much as the others.  What can I say, some stories aren't for everyone!  

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