Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorites in the TV Fall Lineup

Primetime TV is addictive, especially when new shows come out that are as hilarious as these.

Series: The New Girl
Starring: Zooey Deschanel

  • Main character, Jess, sings songs about herself and what she's doing
  • Three guy roomates agree to a fourth female roommate who found their add on Craigslist
  • Jess is guy-clueless
  • Roommate Schmidt is obsessed with Cece and thinks he has came, but she's a model
  • Nick and Jess would make the perfect couple 
  • Justin Long's eccentric character starts dating Jess (and I think it's brining out Nick's jealous side)
  • Theme song "It's Jess!" ends in the boys holding up a picture frame around her face 
  • There was a really cool African American dude on the first episode who was never heard from again.
Series: Whitney
Starring: Whitney Cummings

  • Whitney and Alex are the cutest TV couple ever (this could have something to do with them play fighting all the time/being sarcastic like me and my husband)
  • Great jokes
  • Nothing extraordinary happens, but viewers can relate to the mixups/fights between couples
  • Favorite episode: When Whitney tries to enjoy Alex's interests by playing racquetball and loses majorly, then whoops Alex at basketball, her "hidden talent." He's a super sore loser (it's funny to watch him pout). Seriously, I know a ton of boys that hate losing!
  • None at all!

Series: 2 Broke Girls
Starring: Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

  • Max (Dennings) is hilarious: talented and sarcastic with a soft spot for animals. She says every comeback I wish I'd thought of
  • Caroline (Behrs) balances her out as a rich-turned poor college grad who's good at business
  • Johnny is a hot graffiti artist who has a thing for Max and their chemistry is palpable
  • Max keeps a pet horse on the little porch of her apartment and takes a giant shovel to clean up its poop when they go for walks
  • The owner of the diner where the girls work always has on DJ sized headphones and the chef is always making sex jokes (no, I wouldn't want that in a real workplace, but it's funny to watch)
  • At the end of each episode, the running total that the girls have saved for their cupcake business appears (and either goes up or down)
  • Again, no complaints!
What have you been watching in between books? 


Kristan said...

LOVE The New Girl! The writers are comic geniuses and Zoey is hilarious. I'd honestly love to have a roommate like her (and the boys!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenna and Ashley! Everybody I know who's watched it loves The New Girl! It certainly has the quirky factor going for it.

New follower~

Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

Samantha said...

Just letting you know you received the One Lovely Blog Award

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I've been watching New Girl and Two Broke Girls this season as well-I think they have promise and they usually make me laugh!