Monday, October 24, 2011

Must Read Monday (#2)

Fans of Fiction
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Today begins week two of my new meme, Must Read Monday!
The goal of this meme is to find those books others are excited about to add to your To Be Read list.

Instead of answering a question, you are basically creating intrigue for other hoppers. What makes your book so swoon-worthy? What do you absolutely have to mention so they'll read it?

On your post, you'll make an acrostic puzzle (think of it as an overview/book blurb type of thing).

When you leave comments on other posts, be sure to mention whether you're adding that book to your TBR pile, and what part convinced you to do so.

It's all about powers of persuasion, people:) You might have to think a little, but channel that inner-creative goddess (or god).

I will feature two bloggers who had the most creative posts the following week, and those will be required follows if you wish to participate again.

*You can help me judge by leaving a comment on my post with the most creative/convincing one you've seen after hopping around.

Last week's winners were hard to choose because there were so many creative acrostics!
 (drumroll, please):

1. Aimee @ Getting Your Read On (The Death Cure)
2. Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves (The Hunger Games)
Aimee really made a lasting impression with her last three lines, "One thing is sure: the time for lies is over." I haven't read this, but I will now because of the poetic cliff hanger she's provided us with! Kristan really captured the essence of The Hunger Games and slipped in a little bit for every type of reader: hints of romance, family bonds being tested, intriguing plot hook of the death games, and even the strong traits of the main character.

Hop on over and check out their posts from last week. You must follow Aimee and Kristan to participate in this week's Must Read Monday.

This week's category: your favorite paranormal pick. This can include any of the paranormal subgenres (like paranormal romance).

Some of you asked me to announce the following week's genre/topic so you can get your puzzles ready. So, next week's featured acrostic will be based on your favorite romance (any book at all that has a great romance in it!). 

Here's my paranormal pick. I tried to make it into more of a story this time. Remember, these can be any kind of acrostics you want: one word per line, several per line, or you can use the title's letters to start each line. See samples here.

                                              Teaching becomes Willie's escape from
                                a Home where her stepfather lives,
                                                  whEre babysitting and farmwork bring her down

                                   She Runs away to Cherokee territory at 17
                                       preEtends to be Angelina, English teacher
                                  Very strange noises fill her room
                         the spirit of drowned Ella, they say
                     Eli SeveNstar steals Willie's breath away
                       But teAcher-student love is forbidden
                                   Willie must coNquer divide between Cherokee girls' prejudice
              and risk her life to lay a ghosT to rest.

  • Must become a follower to participate.
  • Follow the two winners from last week to participate.
  • Grab my button to place in your post.
  • Make sure you have a backlink in your post to each weekly post I put up, not just to my website.
  • Where it says your name please include name @ blog name and your main genre in parentheses. Ex: Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (YA)
  • Your exact post URL is the one that goes in the linky box, not your website.
  • This meme is for BOOK BLOGGERS ONLY.
  • Don't just hop around; leave comments! We all love reading what others have to say.
  • Enjoy!


Sherre said...

I had so much fun last week that I HAD to do it again!!!

Susanne said...

This book sounds really good. I'm adding it to my TBR list.

Getting Your Read On said...

I finally got mine done and up. This is a fun meme. Thanks for including me and for picking my acrostic from last week. :) Your comments are very kind.

Kristan said...

I love the way you did yours. The sentences flow really nice and give an actual summary of the book. I'm adding it to my TBR list now because this book sounds really like something I'd love. Thanks for choosing me last week too =)

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Jinky said...

Oops! That's Jinky @Jinky is Reading. Sorry. Will you be able to change that or do I enter another one?


Jinky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa Mandina said...

What a fun meme! So glad I found it on another person's blog that I follow. I'll try to keep up with this one each week if possible.

Jinky said...

Love this new meme! --This Cherokee story sounds interesting. Thanks, it's on my tbr list now. :)