Friday, July 27, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (#15)

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Question: Summer reading. What was your favorite book that you were required to read for school?
It's hard to pick just one. All of these were memorable in some way. To Kill a Mockingbird would have to be my favorite because I remember the most things from it. Apparently we had a crappy reading selection after freshman year.

Summer before 9th grade, we got to pick off of a list. When I finished this book, not only had I fallen in love with writing, but I proved to myself that long books didn't have to be intimidating. I couldn't find the cover that was on the library book I read from.
 9th grade. Memorable characters. 
Important exploration of racism. Had a
satisfied grin on my face by the end.
Also 9th grade. The idea of burning books was so foreign a concept that I was immediately hooked. 
What was your favorite required read?

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Amelia said...

ALL of these were required reading at some point or another at my school. Though luckily, I lucked out. :3 Didn't have to read any of them. But I was intrigued by "Jane Eyre" that the AP English 4 kids had to read: one of my friends gave me her old copy when she was finished with it and I've been sorely tempted to read it for some time.

Thanks for sharing. :) And for stopping by my blog. :)

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Jenni Elyse said...

I've read both Fahrenheit 451 and To Kill a Mockingbird, but I didn't read either of them for school. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird. Didn't like Fahrenheit 451 so much. Although, I did appreciate the social awareness it gave me.

Cassi Haggard said...

I loved To Kill a Mockingbird when I read it in 9th grade and also loved Fahrenheit 451 when we read it in 10th grade. Jane Eyre was never required reading for me.

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Preet @ A Written Rhapsody said...

I feel like I need to read a lot of these school books again to see if I appreciate them more or less than when I was in my teens. Great answer.

Preet @ AWR

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Mockingbird is definitely popular. I just didn't enjoy that much when I read it. I think parts of it got me lost...that or I was daydreaming!

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Have a GREAT weekend!

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Ning said...

can you believe I've never read to Kill a Mockingbird? I switched schools 8th grade when I was supposed to read it, but in my new school kids read it in 7th grade, so I never read it lol


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Lady Bluestocking said...

Thanks for dropping by--yes, I love Sylvia Plath, I read her at least once a year. And Ray Bradbury is always a great choice!

Christina said...

All three of these picks are terrific, and ones I really enjoyed reading.

Old follower.

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Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Yay for Jane Eyre and TKAM. I love both.
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Melliane said...

I haven't read any but saw them a lot. glad you enjoyed them.

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Jenn Renee said...

I forgot about fahrenhiet 451. That was an awesome book.

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Dawn & Winnie Book Reviews said...


Hopping on through from the feature and follow!

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My Summer Read was…Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe (Author) it was interesting ☺

xxsquigglesxx said...

My favorite book that I had to read for school was Lord of The Flies! Thanks for stopping by my blog!