Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Book!

Marina's Tales is a series of four books following a teenage girl named Marina who discovers a mermaid and begins to have strange experiences involving the ocean.  I have read and reviewed the first three (Between The Land And The Sea, The Moon And The Tide, and The Fate Of The Muse) but haven't had a chance to read the final one, The Turning Tides, yet (I'm excited about it though!).  The author, Derrolyn Anderson, has decided to give away her first book in the series for FREE!  You can read my review of Between The Land And The Sea here.  

Download the book at: 
code # FM28V

Check it out- you won't be sorry!  And a big thanks to Derrolyn!


Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I saw this book around, so I downloaded it and hopefully I can get to it soon!

Susan Francino said...

Cool--thanks for alerting us!

Jinky said...

Just downloaded it. Thanks for the heads up! --btw, I so miss your Monday Must Reads ..did someone take it over?

Jenna and Ashley said...

No one did. I miss them too. I just won't be able to keep up with them weekly anymore. Thanks for missing them! I might try to start up again when I have more followers.