Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabulous First Lines

Since I don't post a lot of book discussion type things on here, I thought I'd do a short post on first lines today. Here is one that still stands out in my mind as being so crazy that I had to read more:

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott
"Everyone's seen my mother naked."

Talk about a hook!

I went through the books on my shelves to see what other amazingly creative, suck-you-in first lines I could find and why they made me keep reading.

Falling in Love with English Boys by Melissa Jensen
"Airplane bathrooms are only a step above the ones found in gas stations."
(Don't we all know this is true. I actually think airplane bathrooms are worse. And don't get me started on toilets that flush automatically.)

Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn
"It wasn't the fact that Starbucks did not--would not--serve Guinness with a raw egg followed by an espresso chaser that was ruining Very's hangover."
(Why does this girl want beer to nurse a hangover? This girl must be a partier and have an attitude.)

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
"I was buried alive."
(And how did that happen exactly?)

Incarceron by Catherine Fischer
"Finn had been flung on his face and chained to the stone slabs of the transitway."
(If Finn doesn't figure out a way to get up, he's about to get run over.)

The Unidentified by Rae Mariz
"If reality TV cameras were installed in my high school, they would be focused directly on the Pit."
(Is the Pit some sort of place where they fight to the death? Maybe I'm just in Hunger Games mode.)

Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan
"Okay, I'm pregnant, and so here's what I'm scared about."
(Love her honest personality/attitude right from the start.)

The Big Game of Everything by Chris Lynch
"You have to love your family."
("Have to" implies obligation. Some serious family drama is about to go down, and I most likely can relate to some part of it.)

Have you read any first lines that sucked you in? If it isn't the first line, what about a book grabs your attention?


Wendy Ewurum said...

i can't think ofthem righ now but i suspect i know where to look when i get home.

Sherre said...

I love this post. Those are some great first lines.

Sucks I havent been back on here to do MRM. I've been busy with school and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to come back soon. If you're still doing it.