Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Write It Out Wednesday - Bugs

My new apartment.

Ode to Rollie Pollies

Oh how I hate you
crawling all over the place
sneaking in foundation cracks
between the doors
in unsealed space between tile and wood.
Who called you here?
Oh yes, the humming air conditioner,
a manufactured breeze
but it's cooler than where you live. 
And more moist.
A dark place to hide.
Only you're not hiding very well.
No, you can't share my space.
It's mine, I say!
You've forced me to drive to Lowe's
three times
in the last two days.
I've purchased weather proofing,
insecticides, window tape, sticky traps.
No, I won't try an upside down half
of a juicy cantaloupe,
screw the natural method.
You'd just eat it up
along with the ants and spiders I don't have yet.
Because of you I squirm at night
praying not to hear a crunch beneath my feet
when I step out of bed.
Thanks a lot, rollie pollies.
You used to be cute.

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